Olfactory Experiences for Corporate & Private Clients

Elevate your brand or business with tailored scents that embody luxury and distinction. Our expert team, led by master fragrance artisan November Nichols, ensures an immersive journey, creating bespoke fragrances that leave a lasting impression.

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Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal brand, infuse products with a unique scent, transform retail environments, or create memorable atmospheres for events, Chémin is your trusted partner.

Embark on an exclusive fragrance odyssey with Chémin, guided by our esteemed master artisan team and founder, November Nichols. Immerse yourself in a personalized experience as we guide you through one-on-one sessions to delve into the essence of your brand.

During these sessions, explore our extensive library of scents, unlocking a world of possibilities tailored to your unique vision. Through meticulous formulations and analyses, November, alongside our expert team, will craft and refine the perfect scent that aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.

What to Expect:

Tailored Grandiosity

 Whether it's for expansive corporate spaces, exclusive events, or product lines, expect a fragrance that exudes opulence.

Strategic Integration

We strategically integrate into the fabric of your brand. Expect a seamless fusion of scent and strategy, leaving an indelible mark on your brand narrative and your clients.

Effortless Execution

Our team orchestrates every aspect of your fragrance experience seamlessly. All we need from you is insight into your brand identity, objectives, and the scale of your vision

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what they're saying:

“Unforgettable! This experience was nothing short of amazing.”

— Chief Holiday Event 

“We left with a fragrance that's as refined and stylish as the event itself. ”

— Debevoise & Plimpton Wellness Event

“Truly, a fragrance journey. This Chémin event was a game-changer.”

— Essence Festival 2023: Girls United 


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Harness the power of fragrances to ignite emotions and create a lasting impression.