Tyleene Brown's evolution from a candle enthusiast to a successful Fragrancepreneur is a testament to the transformative potential of partnership and perseverance. When confronted with obstacles in bringing her candle company vision to life, Tyleene turned to Chémin's Custom Product Design and Development Program for guidance. Through this program, she underwent a profound transformation, gaining invaluable knowledge and skills essential for elevating her brand to new heights.

Participating in Chémin's Building Your Own Brand Program allowed Tyleene to delve deeply into the art and science of scent creation. She immersed herself in fragrance formulation intricacies and gained a nuanced understanding of the fragrance industry. Armed with this newfound expertise, Tyleene reimagined her brand and expanded her product offerings to encompass a diverse range of goods and services aligned with her vision and clientele's preferences.

At the core of Tyleene's collaboration with Chémin lies Vacello – an innovative fragrance diffuser encapsulating the essence of her ethos. With Chémin's expertise in scent alchemy and product development, Vacello emerged as the culmination of Tyleene's journey, symbolizing both the radiance of a candle's flame and the vessel that holds the illumination within. Every aspect of Vacello, from branding materials to packaging design, was meticulously crafted to reflect the empowering journey behind its creation. Together, Tyleene and Chémin have forged a partnership exemplifying the transformative impact of collaboration, paving the way for a new entrepreneurial chapter filled with creativity, innovation, and unwavering support.

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