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Our Single Most Important Business Investment


Big News: We Bought an Airstream and Are Gonna Chase Some Pavement

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Say Hello to the All-New Ceramix Brand and Website

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Behind the Scenes of our Studio Renovation


Scent of Success: Sidestepping the Seven Snares in Building a Fragrance Brand

Want to launch your own fragrance brand but don't quite know where to start?  Discover the secrets to triumph in the fragrance industry with our exclusive guide, "Scent of Success: Sidestepping the Seven Snares in Building a Fragrance Brand." This indispensable resource unveils the common pitfalls that emerging fragrance brands face and provides strategic insights to navigate the competitive landscape successfully. Whether you're a startup or looking to expand your fragrance line, this guide is your roadmap to achieving lasting success in the captivating world of scents. Snag your copy now to transform your fragrance journey!

meet the founder

Hello, I'm
November Nichols

An educator and self taught perfumer, with an eye for design and a passion for creating unforgettable experiences through fragrance based in
Atlanta, Georgia.

As one of the few black perfumers in the industry, she has not only left an indelible mark on the fragrance landscape but has also established Chémin as one of the leading black-owned and operated indie fragrance houses worldwide. With accolades from renowned publications such as Vogue, NY Magazine, and Modern Luxury, November's passion for scent creation has captured the attention of fragrance enthusiasts worldwide.

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