Our Services

We create unique and immersive olfactory experiences through the art of scent (aromatics) while also providing custom fragrance formulation, education, and strategic brand development services. 


We’re here to help you leverage the power of fragrances to enhance your business, life, and experiences

We believe that scents hold the key to unlocking unforgettable experiences. Our team of expert perfumers and brand strategists collaborate passionately to craft bespoke olfactory journeys that resonate deeply with your audience and empower your brand to leave an indelible impression, reinforce its messaging, and ignite genuine customer engagement.


01. Aromatics & Scent Branding

At our core, we specialize in crafting custom fragrances and signature scents meticulously tailored to resonate with you or your brand's distinct personality and values.  These exquisite scents find their place in an array of applications – from personal use and products to retail environments and even events – resulting in a seamless and immersive encounter.

We go beyond fragrance creation. We integrate these scents into a brand's overarching marketing and communication strategy, harnessing the profound psychological and emotional impact of fragrance to fortify brand messaging and foster heightened brand loyalty. It's the art of scent strategically woven into your brand's narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the senses and the hearts of your audience.

02. Olfactory Experiences

At the heart of our expertise lies the art of crafting immersive scented events, conferences, workshops, and activations that tantalize every sense. With meticulous curation and thoughtful design, we create moments that go beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. These experiences are not merely events; they are journeys that unfold through scent, sight, sound, and touch, weaving emotions and memories into every interaction.

Our scented experiences are designed to evoke emotion, connect people on a deeper level, and etch your brand into their hearts and minds. From the first inhalation to the last impression, our scented events transcend the ordinary and usher participants into an exceptional world of sensory wonder. It's about crafting memories that linger, conversations that flourish, and connections that endure. It’s about creating experiences that are more than events; they are transformative encounters.

03. Brand Development

Embrace the art of brand development as we guide you through the creation of captivating indie fragrance brands. Together, we'll define your unique identity, pinpoint your audience, and strategically position your brand in the market. Crafting resonant brand stories and visual identities, we seamlessly fuse them with your envisioned scent experiences, leaving a lasting imprint.

At our atelier, fragrance becomes an enchanting reality. Our expertise lies in custom fragrances and signature scents that mirror your brand's essence and values. These scents become versatile companions, elegantly weaving through products, retail spaces, and events, creating an immersive brand journey. Picture a retail haven where every inhale embodies your brand's soul – an experience beyond shopping, etching your essence into hearts and memories. This is the essence of our brand development, a fusion of stories, scents, and experiences that orchestrate success.

case study

Vacello Project

Guided by our expertise and support of, Metta Wellness experienced a remarkable transformation. The rebrand extended beyond visual enhancements, ushering in a profound evolution that touched every facet of the brand's core identity including the name.


We believe in doing good work

and being nice to people

We also believe that fragrance is personal- not commercial, and that integrating scent into a brand's overall marketing and communication strategy allows you to leverage the psychological and emotional power of fragrance to reinforce brand messaging and increase brand loyalty.

Our brand is built upon the legacy of medicine woman Mary Lena “Chémin” Portalis, the paternal grandmother of our founder November Nichols. She cared for herself and others with grace and love and created hand-crafted tea remedies, fragrant tinctures, and rituals, which she shared with her community. It was her belief that beauty is cultivated from within - and we could’t agree with her more

If you're looking for a company that takes care of you and cares as much as you do... Why hello there, we're here to help.

Our Process

Phase one: analyze

We delve deep into your brand building journey. We assess the 'what' and 'why' of your endeavors – what you're doing and why it matters. Our focus extends to evaluating the market landscape, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the currents shaping your industry. This phase sets the groundwork for informed decisions and strategic leaps forward.

Phase two:  plan

We forge a precise roadmap for your Indie Fragrance Brand that aligns seamlessly with your core purpose and values. Your brand's role in your envisioned ideal is vividly defined, linking your aspirations with tangible goals. Delving into your quintessential client, we decipher their needs and challenges, carving the path to tailored solutions. 

Phase three:  build

We shape the very essence of your brand. We meticulously establish your brand's unique voice and compelling narrative. A clear vision emerges, outlining how your brand will make its mark on the world. With deliberate focus, we select your inaugural product or service, ensuring excellence in execution. Education becomes a cornerstone – equipping you with the skills to craft your products or, if outsourcing, to guide the process. 

phase four:  launch

The Launch phase is the culmination of meticulous groundwork. It involves strategically selecting your marketplace platform, producing your initial product run, and solidifying your brand's aesthetic through captivating branding, brand photography, both of you, the founder, and your products. Elevating the client experience, we craft an enchanting unboxing journey tailored for your quintessential clients. This phase epitomizes the transition from vision to reality, marking the moment your brand steps into the spotlight.

phase five:  scale

In the Final Scale phase, precision takes center stage. Data analysis drives informed decisions, while insights from your quintessential clients shape growth strategies. Prioritizing their desires and refining your successful approaches becomes paramount. Relationship-building and strategic partnerships solidify your position. 

what they're saying:

“I have grown so much in my confidence and as a founder! I 100% recommend Chemin as a trusted source to help you build your fragrance brand." ”

— Tyleene, Vacello

what they're saying:

“I swear she is like a fragrance fairy godmother!.”

— Mercedes, Atlanta, Georgia

what they're saying:

“There is something sexy and LUXE about having your own bespoke fragrance!  Thank you Maison Chémin.”

— Brandon, Miami, Florida


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Harness the power of fragrances to ignite emotions and create a lasting impression.